Finding the Path to Your Powerful Business

I help business owners grow by harnessing the 7 forces of a powerful business.
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Turn your concept into reality by getting clear on the framework and business model required to succeed.


Maximize your earning by honing your instincts, working smart, and leveling up your business

Targeted Action

Move forward with confidence, doing the right thing instead of “just starting” to see what sticks.

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Lost in the Journey

You’re going through the motions. You’re trying all the things the experts recommend. You’re attending the events and constantly trying to up-level your skills. But it’s not working.

You’re not seeing the success you want, and because of that your business is just not profitable enough for you to step into it fully. You know it should be working; you just don’t know how to close the gap.

Do you feel like you’re just throwing things against the wall to see what sticks?

I’ve been there. And through the course of that experience I discovered what does actually work.

I stepped into the role of entrepreneur young, untested, and with no mentors other than the ones I read about in my self-help books. Over the years I’ve juggled non-profit ventures and 7-figure for-profit companies, and through those experiences I discovered the 7 Forces of a Powerful Business.

Let me show you exactly what your business needs to succeed.

Feeling Stuck?

When you’re bogged down by what you feel you must do, who you must be, and what you must produce, you’re destined to feel completely stuck in a rut.

Are you sick of investing thousands of dollars on business development only to have a stack of notebooks and another list of ideas to implement? I’ve created a series of services and workshops for people who are tired of spinning their wheels and are ready for action.

In-person implementation experiences, mastermind calls, and group business coaching are a way for you to clear the clutter from your mind and take your business to the next level, without grinding your gears for months. We will lay the path for profit and monetization so your business can grow, scale, and create more impact NOW.

  • smt1 check circle iconIncrease performance and drive revenue.
  • smt1 check circle iconTransform weakness into opportunity.
  • smt1 check circle iconDevelop your action plan with the right next steps.

Strategy and Strength Are Waiting For You

Powerful Experiences

We’ve created powerful in-person events brimming with the tools you need to face specific challenges and the targeted help to start putting it all to work in your business right away.

Whether you’re looking to build your current business or transition from a brick-and-mortar to an online influencer, the 7 Forces to a Powerful Business series has you covered.

VIP Strategy

These powerful 1:1 sessions harness over 20 years of business development, strategy, and implementation to create momentum along the path to your powerful business.

These private, intensive deep-dives give you the curriculum of our in-person experiences with a complete focus on your goals, providing incredible clarity for accelerated and increased results.

Implementation Services

You can waste a lot of time and money on the wrong people. Instead get it done right, and done right the first time without the headache.

The Powerful Business Implementation Team can help you with everything from social media to websites and funnel build out to marketing planning. These best-in-class specialists enable you to keep your focus on what you do best.

Public Speaking

Building on 20 years of experience in business and nonprofits, Candy’s programs help people harness the 7 Forces to a Powerful Business or find the Path to Your Powerful Purpose.

These sought-after keynotes are ideal for mastermind retreats, business seminars, and network marketing, personal development, business, and leadership events.

“Candy has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. She has a passion for helping others grow and succeed professionally and personally. Her approach to business is focused and mission driven. I highly recommend her as a business consultant and coach.”

– Linda Thomas, International Training Consultant

Let’s Get to Work


Find Your Experience

Your business is unique, and the help you need is different than what another business owner may be struggling with. This is why we have an experience for each of the 7 Forces. Choose the one that addresses your most immediate need and register today.

Dive In to the Work

At the event you’ll learn about one of the 7 Forces of a Powerful Business and dive into the work required to harness it for your business. You’ll leave with clarity on the next right steps for you so that you can implement and start seeing results right away.

Make it A Reality

My goal is action. Doable takeaways that allow you to move forward immediately, and confidently. You’ll leave the event armed with actions to take and the Power Circle can even help you break through any additional barriers that come up later on.

5-Day Business Bootcamp Challenge!

You know you’re just a few steps away from greater success in your business; you just can’t seem to close the gap.

My 5-day business boot camp video challenge will give you the kickstart you need to start seeing results:

  • Day 1 We’ll start at the beginning by helping you gain the CLARITY you need to build a blueprint for success.
  • Day 2 Examine your energy and how you can better harness it for the best results.
  • Day 3 Discover how to have greater influence and improved communication.
  • Day 4 Step into greater courage and learn how to face and own your fears to live more boldly.
  • Day 5 Get next steps on how to create an online marketing engine that will move you toward greater success.
  • BONUS: You’ll also get my FREE manual with my top 3 strategies for overcoming obstacles that come at us in business and life.

Meet Candy

Candy started her first successful business in high school, and has spent the last two decades as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. She’s created, developed, scaled and exited several 7-figure businesses in multiple industries and began being asked to consult and mentor other business owners on a similar path.