Speaking with Candy

You are one decision away from a completely different life.

Give your audience more than inspiration…

Give them an experience that will impact their lives.

Candy has a very inspirational and profound message to share with the world. The secret to changing your life can be summed up into words. Which ones depend on you.

What happens when you can cast a vision so big that is pulls people out of their seats as to what is possible for them but then hand them the play book of exactly what they need to fulfill it? That’s exactly what Candy does. By combining psychology mastery, relentless perseverance and proven success habits change can be created in an instant. How does she know this formula works? It’s exactly what she did to change her life.

Hi, I’m Candy Valentino

If you’re looking for someone on the topic of mindset, inspiration, conquering obstacles, unshakeable motivation and proven ways to create change, you just found me.

My message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven. Whether you’re trying to motivate 10,000 direct sales consultants in an arena or 100 executives in a boardroom, I will not only inspire your audience to change, reach for more and find more purpose in their work but I’ll also teach them how with science based and life altering proof. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.

5 reasons to book Candy:

  1. The IT Factor: Her message is high energy, incredible presentation, engaging with the audience and an inspiration message of how to overcome obstacles and change your life.
  2. Play Book: Your audience will walk away with the tips and takeaways on how to stay energized, motivated and implement the tools learned right away.
  3. Completely Custom: She will custom fit the message and stories to impact your audience on their specific challenges and obstacles they are facing. Opportunities for growth and focused challenges will be crafted for your event specifically.
  4. Energetic: Candy is easy to work with, fun loving, engaging, enthusiastic and current. She’s accommodating, approachable and will make your audience feel lit up and unstoppable.
  5. Authentic: Candy is vulnerable, real and down to earth. She can stir people’s hearts and connect with their soul. She has a personal story of overcoming, conquering and contribution that makes her easy to love. Her message is delivered with such emotion and sincerity that is felt by the audience inspiring real, lasting change.

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