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Meet Candy Valentino

Candy Valentino is a 20-year veteran in business, a non-profit expert, and a no-BS speaker.

Originally from a rural, northeastern town, Candy started her very first business just out of high school. With only a high school diploma she has started, scaled, and successfully sold businesses in service, ecommerce, and product manufacturing in addition to creating a debt-free 8-figure real estate portfolio. She also founded a non-profit at just 26 and has been actively involved for almost 15 years, saving thousands of lives and personally raising millions of dollars.

During her two decades as an entrepreneur she has been named to Top Business Leaders 40 Under 40, Top 50 Women In Business, and 10 People Making a Difference, to name a few.

With a list of clientele that ranges from small business owners to 8-figure CEOs, to non-profits and members of Congress, Candy has bootstrapped, hustled, and persisted her way to creating a life of meaning and purpose, and she knows what it takes to create a strong and successful company.

The proprietary frameworks she’s created and trains and speaks on of the 7 Forces of a Powerful Business and Your Path to a Powerful Purpose were taken directly from the real life experiences that have made her the savvy business woman and purpose-drive leader she is today.

Connect and Progress

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Finding the Path to Your Powerful Business

I’ve been to those business seminars and events. You know the ones. The ones where you walk away with lots of ideas and plenty of motivation and then realize, as soon as you get home, that you still have no idea what you’re supposed to actually DO.

That ends here.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients; I’ve helped generate tens of millions in sales; I’ve created hundreds of jobs; I’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses; and I’ve developed and directed 55+ events to date. Not only have I achieved those results: I’ve also been to 40+ high-level business events myself and worked with the best coaches, thinkers, and business leaders in the country to up-level my own skills. And now I’m pulling all of that together to put you on a path of action that will help you actually execute and see results in your business.

I know what it takes to build a successful business, and I want to share that experience with you—whether at one of our live events, through a one-on-one VIP interaction, or as a speaker. I can help you clarify, organize, and monetize your ideas so you walk away with the exact next right steps that you need to find success.

Let’s get to work and set you on the path toward your powerful business.


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