Ep. 17: Reverse Interview with Anthony Bompiani

Ep. 17: Reverse Interview with Anthony Bompiani

The first 8 episodes of this podcast were geared towards the covering an overview of the 7 Forces of a Powerful Business.  The 8 that followed were all solocasts from Candy Valentino covering topics and questions she is most asked to train or speak on.

This next episode marks the beginning of an interview series where Candy sits down with some of her friends, opens her network and invites guests on the show with the goal to bring your massive value to your life and business.

We started this series by doing a raw, unedited and unique reverse interview where Candy is the one being interviewed. Our hope is that not only will you get to you’ll know our host a little better, but you’ll also gain a little insight as why she felt called to put this podcast together and how why focus is to genuinely help as many people as she can.

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