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Hey there!

I’m Candy Valentino. I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist and obsessed with making a difference. I am dedicated to teaching others how to have abundance, find their purpose and give back in a big way. I started out in a small town of just 2,500 people and have gone on to build businesses, start charities and help people make a living doing what they LOVE. (While rescuing thousands of dogs, cats and pigs along the way!) If you’re curious about me, my background or how I got to this point…

We Rise!

I know what it’s like to feel like none of your friends understand the demands, the stress and the worry about making payroll, scaling a business or making your team and customers happy.

I too have felt frustrated working with coaches, consultants and group facilitators who never once signed the front of a paycheck let alone understand the struggles of creating, growing and surviving in an ever changing business market and economic climate. They simply don’t speak our language.

WeRise is different. You may be in business FOR yourself, but you don’t have to be in it BY yourself.